In 2013 Veugen Integrated Technologies was appointed as a key AIDA partner. VIT provides complete sales and support of all mechanical and servo presses, ranging between 35 and 3000 tons. AIDA is a global leader in the design, manufacture, sales, service and support, refurbishment and modernization of metal stamping presses and metalforming automation equipment. With a worldwide network of sales and service locations in 36 cities across 18 countries, and press installation in over 60 countries worldwide, AIDA is truly a global metalforming solutions provider.
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Automec manufactures CNC gauging systems. Our positioning systems consist of a programmable control where the operator enters a dimension and a motorized gauging mechanism automatically moves through a sequence of programmed dimensions. These systems can be retrofitted to pressbrakes, shears, cut-off saws and punches. Let Veugen Integrated Technologies be your only integrator of Automec products.
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Colt Automation
Colt Automation has built a solid reputation over the past 40 years by manufacturing conventional coil handling and press feed systems that perform day in and day out. Colt Automation is recognized as an innovator in the design, development, and manufacturing of feed equipment including:
• Continuous or Average Speed Feed lines
• Zig zag feed systems
• Light medium and heavy duty single and double uncoilers
• Heavy duty coil cars and traveling coil car combinations
• Coil up enders with traveling uncoilers
• Cradle straightener combinations
• Powered light, medium, and heavy duty straighteners
• Electronic roll feeders, and roll feeder straighteners combinations
• Space saver feed line combinations
• Specialty combinations‐peeler threader.
• Refurbish, rebuild. Custom design and much more.

VIT would be pleased to visit your facility to discuss your needs whether it's a complete coil line, a custom design or individual components.
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DanRay Products
Shields are available to protect operators from swarf, chips, coolant splash, sparks, etc. generated at the point of operation on metal-cutting, milling, drilling machines and grinders, and other machinery.
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Established in 1998, Lazer Safe specialises in the development and worldwide sale of control, safety and operator guarding systems for press brakes. Today Lazer Safe is an international leader in its field with systems supplied as standard equipment by most of the world's leading press brake manufacturers. Veugen Integrated Technologies is an integrator of LazerSafe products in Canada.
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PC Controls
PC Controls, LLC designs manufactures and installs Personal Computer (PC) based machine tool controllers for use on new and existing equipment. VIT sells and integrates PC Controls for all CNC Turret Punch Presses, Single Station Punch Presses, Plate Rolls and CNC Press Brakes.
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Safety Blocks
Our octagonal Safety blocks are manufactured in Canada by VIT, from high-strength 6063-T5 aluminum. They are rated according to their length (up to 60") and whether fixed or adjustable. Safety blocks are placed between the Slide and Bolster of a press during maintenance and set-up, and must be rated to support the static weight of the Slide and any attached tooling. The load to be supported by a fixed block is determined by its series and length. Block holders and electrical interlocks are available.
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Machine Control & Safety Products
We are a leading manufacturer of press automation, die protection, and safety controls for the metal stamping industry, and data collection software for all discrete manufacturing. These products, which leverage Wintriss' 50+ years of experience in the metal stamping industry, are known for their proven performance and rugged dependability in the toughest factory environments. Wintriss equipment is backed by attentive service, timely repairs, and comprehensive spares inventories. Wintriss equipment is supported in Canada by Veugen Integrated Technologies providing comprehensive installation, integration and repair service since 2007.

Shadow® Safety Light Curtains
Wintriss has been building the Shadow® safety light curtains for the toughest applications for more than 30 years. With more than 40,000 systems installed, the Shadow has a proven track record. The Shadow series light curtain's unique design enables you to protect multiple sides of a machine using a single control, one pair of cables, and up to four pairs of light curtains in series. You can protect both the front and back of your equipment as well as provide horizontal pass-through detection. The Shadow series also features programmable fixed and floating blanking and has undergone independent testing and certifications by UL & CSA. Shadow VII complies with OSHA 1910.217, ANSI B11.1, ANSI B11.19, CSA Z142 and CSA Z432.

Shop Floor Connect

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Wireway Huskey
Wireway Husky Corp., one of the largest producers of material handling products in the country, is based in Denver, N.C. Its Husky ® products include pallet racks, welded wire-deck, cable reel racks and pallet rack guarding systems. Additionally a whole range of security wire partition products are produced and marketed under the 'Wireway ®' brand name.
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Pax Products Inc.
Pax Products, Inc. was developed through the needs of their own stamping facility, Pax Machine Works, Inc.
Pax Products currently manufactures airless stock and die lubrication systems, low-profile part and scrap conveyors, and die doors. Each product is designed by their own tool and die craftsmen and has been utilized in the stamping industry for more than 20 years. Through their years of experience, Pax has been able to offer products that give stampers the opportunity to be more productive and enhance their bottom line.
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Market leader by high technology
Worldwide Roemheld is nowadays considered to be the market leader in the field of hydraulic power work holding for metal-cutting production engineering.
As experts in this field Roemheld offers with it’s about 300 employees at the location Laubach/Hessen a strong business base to realize high technology.
Due to intense development works – partially in close co-operation with customers and partners – we do not only meet the continuously increasing demands on the market, but influence the market development by innovations pointing the way to the future.
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Vibro Industries
Vibro Air Operated Transporter Conveyors are the only conveying systems that are 100% air operated and 100% American made. The Vibro Air Operated Transporter Conveyor can “transport” objects along assembly lines and remove scrap from beneath machine tools, even in close quarters where conventional conveyors cannot go.
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